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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Here's a twofer...

The pic will show WHY a brand spanking shiny new china motor should be taken apart before starting.

This is a never - run, regarded mfg engine... and look how horrible the gasket lines up with the manifold ! It would seem they did not even try to get the proper gasket, let alone attempt to fit it properly.

AND, the gasket material is brittle!
It would have undoubtedly sent pieces into the cylinder in a short period of time.

and for #2. drum

The do-hickey rod thingy next to the manifold is a scrap of welding rod I smacked with a hammer a couple times, then dressed with a file to make a screw driver to adjust the idle mixture, and speed, on my cns carby.

Yah yah yah... I've had a gazillion little screw drivers with the magnet on the handles top and a pocket clip just like everyone else... and I've LOST 95% of em working on this or that !
So I made one... that I wouldn't mind losing !
It works well.
and I haven't lost it yet.
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