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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?


Yah, it sure is frustrating, Map...

and that's part of what I don't like about the cns.

When things do not respond to an adjustment you have made to the carb internals, you find yourself questioning pilot error. "Did I get that carb nice and snug up against that manifold???" Maybe it's the dci/coil??? Maybe that NEW plug is bad? Perhaps the crank seals are bad and I should have replaced them?

Well, I hit 23 mph today after dropping the needle all the way down. Best speed yet... performed much better and I was able to ride it to the parts house to get the O-ring to use with the nt carby, as advised by Alf.

So, I'll keep messing with the cns another few days... 2morrow I'll solder up the jet and re-drill it just one size smaller, and see what the results are.

Fun little things to work on!
I'll conquer this cns before I check out, if I'm lucky!
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