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Default Re: Dream bike..........

Gary, i was just sayin' what they told me. Mine has no suspension. Its a rigid steel frame, and rim brakes instead of coaster. These are great bikes. The ones like in your pic, they can take some serious punishment without anything bending or breaking. There is one issue with mine, when i change gears to the very lowest gear for the back cog, it cant get onto it. It just gets in between the two. Also anytime i switch gears, it skips a gear. it goes from one up to 3, then to 5, 7, 9. lol It quite odd. I don't know it the previous owner is the one who did whatever to it, or if its a manufacturer fault(which i highly doubt), cuz these expensive bikes, get looked over, get benchtested, before its taken apart and put in a box. Overall its an amazing bike. Suspension would be great though.
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