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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Replaced the 4 screws on the mag cover with 3 x 20 x.7mm allen heads.
50cents apiece at the hardware store.

jet is drilled to #69 now and slide needle all the way down to ring #5 bringing the needle all the way up.

It's coming back to life... little by little.
Went through the radar sign at 21mph.

Will open the main jet to #68 or #67 tomorrow.
Gonna leave the needle at full fat until I get the WOT resolved.

Has anyone taken a file to the slant on the carby slide?

tnx Map! I'll get that wristpin bearing and seals after the first when the eagle dumps.

*** I keep lookin at that SBP expansion chamber in the ad on the top left of the page... Gosh I'd like to get me one of those! :-)
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