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Default Re: What kind of engine could you put in this puppy

Originally Posted by wayne z View Post
There was and still are airplanes made of wood. Propellers too. Wood absorbs vibes better than metal.
One of the first motorcycles was all wood.

just sayin...
What you say is true, to a point. Some airplanes were once made of wood. Many bicycles are made of metal. Both true.

Some bicycles are made of steel; some are aluminum; some chromoly; some titanium; some are alloys of a few of the preceding; etc.

They were careful about picking the wood for aircraft even in the good old days. Birch and ash were used a lot. The plywood was constructed of painstakingly fine, multiple layers of veneer. They used woods that could take a lot of punishment. Not something you'd build a garden bench out of.

I'd need to know what kind of wood(s) that bike was made of and how it was made before I'd consider a motor. But, hey, if it was done right...

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