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Default Hello fellow bikers

This is my first build..i had lots of help from bike forums and alot of reaserch.
This is my first build. Boy did i go through alot of trial and error. My first recomendation for anyone wanting to build a bike is, if you buy one of the kits, is to pretty much scrap everything but the motor.The motor is the 58cc Phantom edition I found almost everything is quickly prone to falure or just sub-par. So i started replacing it all with the best i could find availible. From JNMotors came the Jagure ignition and performance carb, Boost Bottle, From Sick Bike Parts- the black expansion chamber exhaust. From Manic Mechanic came the hub adapter. Pirate cycle 44 tooth sprocket. a D.I.D. ER 415 chain with a sealed bearing gear chain tensioner. And the bike is a 29" Genesis. i also installed the wide cranks and old school bear trap pedals which help keep your feet on the pedals when you hit a bump at 35mph!
I have really ejoyed putting it together, Im almost bummed cuz getting it right was half the fun, but now watching heads turns and the compliments is pretty cool. I would highly recomend motorbiking to anyone.

Ride Happy
Ride Safe
well for some reason its not letting me post pics since i used them on another thread.
Maby ill try the picture gallery
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