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Default Re: My perspective on mileage.

I know everyone at the safeway pumps. It used to be it took them a while to punch in 50 or 75 cents so I would be sitting there waiting and watching the attendant behind the glass scratch their head. Then when They ask for a phone number for the 3 cent discount I tell them "That's not even a penny!" One time I decided to be smart and gave the attendant my phone number. The guy behind me tried to give me a penny but I told him "I think you may need that more than me!"
Another time this soccer mom tried to take my pump asking everyone "Who's bike is this?" And from the attendant line I said "That's my bike" then she asked "Could you please move your bicycle?". I said "Just as soon as I put my 50 cents in so relax okay?"
Then she watched me taking my sweet time filling up my little tank in that slow trickle the meter going really really slow watching the pennies going in. It only took 48 cents so I hung up the pump and walked back to the attendant line to get my 2 cent change. Then afterwards I sat on Cronus,pulled the rope and waved at her as I rode away.
It ruled.
But she looked angry.
I bet she didn't eat her wheaties that morning.
You have found the fountain of youth. Ride and forever stay young.

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