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Default Re: Yup! Another Cranny build.

Originally Posted by IreBo View Post
Gary, yea those brushless cars are insane and the controllers like the castle creations are infinatly adjustable from abs breaking to throttle puntch/curve.but i love nitros and you cant beat that sound! although a electric properly set will work my butt! i also build scale and comp crawlers and have been collecting team associated RC10 cars and trucks. have about 15 RC10's. love them . it was my first rc so i have great respect for youre rig and was glad to see team associated get in the 1/8th mix!
ok ide better say something about gasbikes so i dont get too offtopic... ummm, so did you dremmel that piston ?
I'm running Tekin but back in the day I only ran Trinity. I had a sponsorship with them and of course, I used their stuff. I miss Trinity Tech Talk.

Although I jumped back and forth from AE, to Losi, I started with AE.
Still have an old gold tub, pre stealth 6 gear tranny. lol

Yea I used a dremel on the piston skirt but only because I was at home and didn't feel like driving to work, or waiting until Monday to use my mill. I was also putting off splitting the cases and going all the way including matching the transfer ports and checking the bearings, but that would be "Half Steppin" and that ain't in my nature. Do it right, or don't do it at all is something I say to myself.

Hard to believe I'm building a Huffy with a Chinese motor when I have built some pretty expensive MTBs and motorcycles from the ground up, but this is a new experience and a new learning curve. And meeting new friends with similar interests is a bonus.

1989 KDX 200 bought and built one piece at a time. It took a 11 months.

24lb. Special-Ed.

This space is for rent.
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