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Default Re: Dream bike..........

Originally Posted by James912 View Post
I have a Shimano XTR Mtb. Its amazing. Even better since i mounted my 66cc engine to it. These bikes cost like 500$ new. I got it for $40 at a garage sale brand new. Barely used. Professional racer used it and left it at his moms house when he moved. This bike doesn't have any shocks,but its a steel frame. It takes potholes ok. Gotta get a comfort seat. These mtb seats are not very comfortable for long 10+ mile trips. Tons of potholes and cracks in the roads where i live.
Sorry to disagree with ya James, but a XTR level mtb bike costs a heck of a lot more than $500, more like 5k! Trust me, I built a few. lol

This is a 24 1/2# full boinger I built not too long ago. Almost every bolt on her is Titanium.

This space is for rent.
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