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Default Re: Yup! Another Cranny build.

Originally Posted by IreBo View Post
hay garry, how did the skirt cut work? have you run it yet? also wanted to comment on the r/c scene..... i love 1/8 scale and have a jammin crx and a jammin crt. crazy power in these rc engines huh? want to do a crazy 8 or 12 r/c engine bike like a land speed some go to like 36000rpms and even higher and 3.4 hp! | 51251 Ofna Jammin .28 Engine

so 8 of em will get me 27.2 hp?? jk
IreBo, I'm a ways off from getting the bike finished since I still have parts coming in, and I'm in no hurry since it's been 105 degrees F out lately. lol

The Ofna is a good car. I had a gas truck once and several Saito powered planes, I prefer electric cars. The torque curve is much flatter, the power more manageable and the car comes off the track much cleaner.

Here are some pics and a vid of the one in my avatar.

biffg's Channel - YouTube
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