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Default Re: Engine not engaging with gear, Advice!!! Please

Yes it's very possible that you need new pucks, what I ask you to do was assuming you still had pucks that were thick enough to engage the pressure plate and by doing this stop the slipping.

If you do need pucks they are cheap and easy to replace, if you have a way to post some pics of the pucks that will help with knowing for sure, but it does sound like you may just need new ones and then adjust the clutch like I said above and you should be good to go.

Are your pucks square/rectangular or are they round?

They could be either one and this is something you will need to know, if they are round ones just PM me your mailing addy and I will send you some that are used but still have a good bit of life in them free of charge, if they are square ones I will sell you a set cheap, I have an extra set I dont need right now, just send me a PM and I will be glad to help you out on this if you want.

Peace, map

Originally Posted by Nikko View Post
i di what you said and replaced those two screws after tightening the flower nut with the clutch held all the way and after that the clutch lever wont engage the clutch and its still not catching pads when i roll the bike. are you sure i dont just need new clutch pads ? could it be there so worn down there not catching the plate anymore?
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