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Yo Donkey, sounds like youre bike is doing well.... so about the choke. i rarely use mine. only if its really cold and/ or i havnt ran my motor in a while. if i do use it for a cold start i cloes the choke, bump start the bike ,and as soon as it starts i flip it open. i will also use it as a speed limiter for nwebies or youngsters that want to try out my bike. ill close it a bit while riding full throttle until it just starts to slow down. basiclly a rev limiter. other than that dont pay much attention to it ide say.

so the idle with it in gear thing, well its like driving a stick shift car. you cant just let the clutch out while in first and expect it to drive smoothly. you need to feather the clutch with some throttle and when you are going you can dump the clutch. its not an auto! lol..
dont be afraid to slip the hel out of that clutch. they last a while, have alot of adjustment before they are toast and the pads are cheap and one of the easiest things to service.. you can convert it if you want. they have a kit. looks lame tho.

ok so the tire has some angled black scuffs from the chain?? thats pretty normal imo.. as long as they are just marks and not gouges. that chain moves all over the place and when off throttle in coast with the engine enguaged the loose side of the chain flops all over. its ok if its not wearing into the tire. just marks are ok and you will need special parts to fix that like offset motor mounts. if you just move the rear sprocket you are just puting it out of alignment. you will have to move the motor also. you can tey to tighten the chain a bit with the tensioner. that may help

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