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Default Re: Simulated Break In Period

Originally Posted by ZRTMWA View Post
Spookytooth says the same thing :

Blueprinting - Pull More Power From Your Engine
The nonsense above about tempering the sleeve is well nonsense.

1. A 2 stroke cylinder does not get hot enough to change steel.(Normally)
2. Heating and then cooling in short cycles actually hardens steel not tempers it.
3. Tempering is not hardening steel but making it more ductile or soft.

My friends and I have argued how to break in 2 stroke engines for decades.
What I can tell from several engines I've had is to use rich oil mix for the first tank or two. Don't over rev and don't lug it. One day you'll notice more power and a smoother running engine. Using the normal mix also adds power.

When it comes down to it, I don't think you can't screw it up unless you really try by using straight gas or something equally stupid.
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