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Default Difinitive answer on Chain sizing

I am sorry if this question is redundant but I have searched the forum for this answer and not sure I have a definitive answer. While I must admit I think I know what the answer is going to be, I am not going to just assume.

Ok here goes. I bought a kit from a crappy online source with no support however I can tell from their site that the kit has a 410 chain and a 44T sprocket. I read the best is a 415 HD (heavy duty). So my question is this, Is the 415 HD the same size as the 410 or should I be looking for a 410 heavy duty? Also is the HD the same as the HD high performance racing chain? Since my chain just broke on the third test drive and I would now like to get the most reliable.

Oh btw I have learned "cheap kits cost more in the long run".

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