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Default Re: Engine not engaging with gear, Advice!!! Please

you will need the retaining screw to be there to hold that "flower nut" from backing out for sure, but now to the slipping....

You will need to pull the clutch lever on your handle bars all the way in, and then lock it into place by wrapping a piece of wire or using a zip tie so it will remain pulled in and then you should screw the flower nut all the way down until it stop turning and then back it up about half a turn, after setting it this way you will be getting a good amount of tension on the clutch pucks when you release the clutch and the slipping should stop.

Now back to the retaining screw, you will need that replaced or you will never keep your clutch adjusted.

A #6 or #8 machine screw might work if secured with blue loctite after it is cut down to correct length, to do this all you will need to do is lock the clutch lever back like I said earlier and then remove the flower nut and the outer pressure plate will come right off, now when yo do get a screw that will work properly just screw it into the hole on the plate and then with a small grinder or dremel tool cut the excess thread off that will be poking through on the back side of the clutch plate then when you remove the screw it will straighten out the threads from the grinding/cutting of the unwanted length, then when you get the plate and the flower nut reinstalled at the setting I mentioned above just put some blue or red loctite on the threads of the small screw and snug it up to where the head of the screw is seated down between the pettles on the flower nut, get it snug but dont get too rough with it or it will strip or break off, it's a very small screw and needs to be handled carefully.

Best wishes and I hope this will help you get the problem resolved quickly...

Peace, map

Originally Posted by Nikko View Post
so i was riding today clutch was working fine and out of no where i go to give it some throttle and it just revs up, i wasnt holding the clutch, the clutch pin wasnt pressed and the engine was just revving like i was holding the clutch in, i took off the clutch plate and that ring screw inside wasnt on, so i screwed it on and put the plate back on and still i go to release the clutch and the engine doesnt even staart, what do i need to do and what is my engines problem. did i burn my clutch out from revving it too much?
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