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Default Engine not engaging with gear, Advice!!! Please

so i was riding today clutch was working fine and out of no where i go to give it some throttle and it just revs up, i wasnt holding the clutch, the clutch pin wasnt pressed and the engine was just revving like i was holding the clutch in, i took off the clutch plate and that ring screw inside wasnt on, so i screwed it on and put the plate back on and still i go to release the clutch and the engine doesnt even staart, what do i need to do and what is my engines problem. did i burn my clutch out from revving it too much?

EDIT: i figured out that i destroyed my woodruff key, i guess i might have been too rough with the engine, but i took off the engine sprocket and there was no pin, just particles of metal, the clutch catches just fine, that explains why my engine wouldnt rotate when i rotated the wheel.
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