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Default Re: Panama jack failure!!!!!!

Glad to hear you discovered the failure in your driveway!
I would not have been so fortunate.

Sure are a nice looking bike, those PJ's... but like everything else chinamade, the metalurgy is always suspect.

As I noted elsewhere, aluminum suffers from fatigue which can result in spectacular failure. The airlines do their best to cover up this fact.
There is no external evidence of a problem until it occurs.

...and think abt all them homes built w/drywall that ate the piping in the structure! or the melamine enhanced cat food!
My guess is integrity is not to be found in the dictionary over there.

If I had the cccash I probably would have bought one of those spiffy looking cruisers. Just like the Kinks, I'm on a Low Budget...

I'm running 20yr old steel boat anchors that have been salvaged.
Lol wish that were gonna save me! it won't.

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