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Default Re: replacing intake gasket & air leaks

I have an air leak on the carb end of the intake manifold that I've tried fixing 5 separate times. I'm still using the original rubber gasket, because it's not in bad shape, and Seal All. The leak is still there; I've tested for it by spraying brake cleaner on the carb clamp.

I'm not sure how to fix this. So far in this thread its been suggested to use a paper gasket on the intake, but that must be for the end that mounts to the engine. Since my air leak is at the carb end, where the carb slides onto the manifold, I need to know a (hopefully) foolproof way to seal the leaks, whether by purchasing another gasket or making my own.

So, what can I do to seal this thing? If I have to buy my own gasket material, how would I cut the gasket?

FYI, I have the CNS2 carb which requires that retarded spacer to fit onto the intake manifold.
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