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Question Which engine?

Hello everyone, my name is Chad and I come from the bicycle industry. I actually still work in the industry. I am very interested in creating my version of what a motorized bicycle should be, and hope to change some of your minds about your bicycle set ups. Inversely, I need to know about motors. It seems to me there is not a whole lot of difference from one motor to the next, and am trying to decide which to get. I definately want a chain drive as I will be using a disc brake hub to bolt a king cog to, so the simplicity of the cheap 2 stroke motors is very appealing. I don't want to spend more than 200.00 on a motor, but am very open to a four stroke motor that installs the same way as the 2 strokes do. I definately DO NOT want a friction drive, as I believe from my experience in loaded touring, that is way too much weight on the back of the bicycle and I do plan on laying this thing over through the turns flat track style. So, which engine for around 200?
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