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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Decided NOT to pull the carby again and drill the MJ to bigger than #71 drill size until I tried the new plug, first.

Had pulled the original Young Master that was leaking at the point between insulator and body and installed a new LD plug from the other motor.

Pulled the LD, and it was wet and black, so I put in the NGK B6HS.
Took it for a beer run, and to drop off a redbox... I was lucky to make it home!
NOW it is spitting back through the carb a bit, and four-stroking the rest of the time. Speed? I got none.

Thought maybe I'd try a WOT attempt and a throttle chop so I went to get a couple bullet connectors for connecting the kill switch at the hardware store which is on a level street. Planned to install the kill switch there, then make a speed run on the way back home.

Did not happen!
Seems the price of connectors went up!
NOT gonna get a couple for pocket change any more.

So I straggled home and might have gotten up to 25mph going downhill after I left the level road.

This cns remains inconsistent. Must be other probs to deal with first.
Bottom screw on mag cover is wet. ...seal time!
Then I can get back to the carby.

Fun little toy to work on!
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