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Default Re: First Bike Build

I posted a reply a few hours ago, don't know why it didn't show.
The bike has a 7 gear cassette. Apparently Schwinn used two different hubs on the Jaguars, Quando and Modus. The Quando, which I have, has a concave shape that I can't use. I think the Modus has straight sides which I need.
Mine looks like the one on the top right of this page. I need one like on the left side.

There's a girls Schwinn Jaguar 7spd that's for sale. If it had a Modus hub, I'd buy it, rob the wheel off it and keep the rest for parts. The seller has several motorized bicycle ads on Craigslist so I think he puts them together. So I call, here's how it goes;
Q: What kind of hub is on the girls Jaguar you have for sale?
A: It's a 7 speed.
Q: Yes, I see in your ad it's a 7spd, what kind of hub is it?
A: The rims are aluminum.
Q: But what kind of hub is it?
A: It had 7speeds.
Q: Yes, 7 speeds, but what kind of hub?
A: I don't know what you mean by hub.
Q: The thing the spokes attach to and the axle goes thru, is there a brand name on it?
A: It's the standard original hub.
Q: Can you look at the hub and tell me what name is stamped on it?
A: If you want to know, come and buy it.
I wonder if this dude builds the motorized bicycles he sells any better than he answers questions.
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