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Default Re: First Bike Build

I guess you're talking coaster brake here- good luck

I searched ebay and found some new asian stuff listed in freewheel hubs- nothing fancy- steel hubs, but not a lot of money, and grooved so that a sprocket would fit over them- they'd still have to be secured with a rag joint-

but then you could fit handbrakes

Metal 36 Spoke Holes Back Rear Hub for Bicycle Bike | eBay

this second one is the kind that came on my Micargi multi-speed cruiser- the ridge stops the motor sprock a perfect distance from the spokes- the diameters on both these hubs is the usual motor sprock diameter-

I still look for a large flange flip/flop with smooth alloy sides undrilled so that I can drill them for sprocks with the 6 inner disk brake style holes and bolt that directly to the hub- hard to find but out there.
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