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Default Re: how do I decide, hp, engine kits, speed?

Howdy Moser, welcome to the crazy. (They are really addicting)

First few lines of your post had me thinking a friction drive would be some thing you might enjoy. Is a great option for when ya want to bicycle and not MB. Wet is their big down fall. Rain etc.

But if I were to be brave enough to offer advise, which I ain't, snork. (never ends well) I would say try to hit a ride or motorized bicycle gathering. motorized bicycle folks are great fun and ya don't have to have one to attend. But will give you a chance to see some up close and ask questions in person. The internet thing, folks are cautious-er.

Chain drives are actually my personal preference. But I ride in a manor of assisting the engine, not the engine assisting the bicycle. So drag created by trying pedal with a chain drive are not a biggie for me. (until I run out of gas or break down, snork)

No matter which way ya go, ya grin from ear to ear after first ride. If nothing broke, fell off or killed you.
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