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Default how do I decide, hp, engine kits, speed?

I ride mainly road bikes and often race road cycling criteriums.

I am now looking to build up a motor bicycle and after researching extensively on this site and am trying to decide on what might be the best setup based on the following factors and criteria:

1) Have two bikes to choose from which I currently own. A Kona 29er single speed mountain bike or a classic style moser road bike that is geared and setup for bicycle road racing. Not sure how to decide on which would be the best to start with.

2) Want to use this bike for commuting but would like to have the capability of riding longer mileage with it as well, say 40/50 miles at a time on slower traffic roads.

3) Budget - would like to spend 450 or less, I already have the bikes so do not need to buy those.

4) Would like to be able to pedal as assistance and also use the regular brakes. The Kona has disc brakes while the moser has canti-lever (rim brakes).

5) Level of speed - hopefully could go up to about 25-30. I am 6'4" and weigh about 190.

6) Would like to be on the quieter side if possible. Don't particularly want a super loud motor when commuting in the morning or evening.

I am a novice when it comes to installing mechanical parts so complicated installations would be frustrating I'm sure.

If I decide to use the Kona can I keep the disc brakes with either the friction drive rear mount or chain drive rear and in frame kits?
If I decide to use the moser with gears will this installation of the kit cause me to have to give up some of the gears?
What are the main advantages of friction drive vs. chain drive? Is one typically more durable than another?
Is there a certain horsepower range that would be best suited for this criteria listed above? I assume more hp would be better but I am not sure.
On in frame kits does the exhaust prevent proper pedaling and potentially burn the rider?
I see some kits have different styles of throttle, I have no idea which is better.

I know that was a lot of questions but just trying to make a logical decision.
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