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Question First Bike Build

Hey all,
I decided to build a motorized bicycle and had been lurking on here the last few weeks for tips which way to go. When I saw the way the rear sprocket that comes in the motor kits clamped onto the spokes, I became concerned with it's durability and was about to give up on the idea of building a motorized bicycle until I saw the $60 Manic Mechanic hub adapter and sprocket.
I noticed on the Manic web site there was a Schwinn Jaguar with the hub adapter. So this past Monday, I ordered a new RAW 66cc kit for $190 and started looking on Craigslist for a used Schwinn Jaguar or Landmark. Today I found a Jaguar for $80, everything was good on it. I got it home and went to measure the rear hub so I could order the MM hub adapter, only to see the bike had a concave shaped Quando hub. Dang it! Schwinn must have changed hub vendors on some of the Jags!
So my question is, what reasonable priced hub will swap out with the Quando so I don't have to by new spokes? Spoke hole circle is about 1.75", spoke flanges are about 2.125" wide and overall width is about 5.25".
Do I have any other options besides a new hub? I thought about a SBP shift kit but I'm already into this project for $270 and don't want to throw another $240 at it.
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