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Default Re: What bike did you build on...? a GIANT BUTTE

I got a Giant Butte... and I'm gonna post a picture of it!

Set me back a dime at the LTS.
It's pretty rugged.
Flats, rust, cobwebs, mud, bound up chain...
Must be a phobia I got to be stuck w/o transport.

And the pile is growing!

I got this one for the chrome front fork... liked the way it looks.
Thought I'd make a springer out of it...
Then it dawned on me the center pulls have welded stays on the fork, and I'd ruin the chrome grinding them off.
It was a one-year bike, 91-92, and referred to now as a boat anchor!
Might be just the ticket for a MAB.

So I'll build it up, as is, I guess.
Much larger frame than the ParkPre I'm running now, and it's a 1/2" longer wheelbase. Very stout dropouts, too.
There's a lot I gotta learn abt frame geometry.
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