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Default Re: What bike did you build on...? CHIME IN

I haven't started it yet, I'm collecting parts to build a mid 60's schwinn typhoon. I found it on craigslist and my dad picked it up for me, I'll get it when I visit them over labor day. I've read some not so great things about newer look-a-likes, so I shied away from them, not knowing what was what. This thing has made it 45 years+, and is still in good shape. You know they were built well back in the day, just like almost everything else.

Heck, he threw some air in the supposedly original tires, and has been riding it around. He says it pedals great. Go figure.

One way or the other, whether it's an old cruiser frame, or newer quality mountain bike, I wouldn't skimp on a cheap one. doing 20-35mph is not when you want something cracking apart on you.
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