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Those painted wheel do ok with braking but not as good as Aluminium wheels, I have a Huffy Karaoke with painted wheels just like yours and I have a front caliper brake on it and it does help a lot but if you were to put flat sided wheels on it or especially Alum. ones you will for sure have much better braking ability.

Now, all this said........the wheels you have will still be ok with a caliper brake on the front, any extra braking ability at all is a definite help and I do just fine with mine and I cruise at 30-32MPH and can hit close to 40MPH and still stop pretty quick if I need to, just gotta squeeze very hard on that front brake because the brake pads dont grip real good on the painted wheel.

Peace, map

Originally Posted by gphil View Post
Yeah, ddesens, I just noticed that slip of the digits too. I have some spare bikes that I can rob brakes off. Guess it would be best just to change out the wheels for the flat sided rims. Not real sure the stock rims would be a good base for braking. Have to research that too. Thanks guys.
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