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Talking Hey everyone - thanks for this helpful forum

Hello to everybody and thanks in advance for all the help I'm probably going to need.

So check out my story ... wife and I decided to get a couple of bikes this summer so we can do some family bike riding.
Well, I stumbled onto a couple of barn finds and ended up buying them. These bikes were stored in my neghbors barn by their landlord for about 20 years un-touched.

I purchased a JC Higgins FlightLiner for my wife. I think its late 50's or early 60's. Its all original and almost like new condition.
Even the headlight worked! All I had to do was clean it up a little bit and put air in the tires. Got this baby for $120.00
For myself, I purchased what I think is a 50's era schwinn cruiser. It is original but has been painted and I guess somewhat restored by the previous owner.

He must of been going for the original look but missed the color I think. It is sort of a light green and nothing like the old schwinn green I am thinking of.
The paint job is poor. There is some rust here and there and the fenders are all dinged up, etc. The hubs feel all grindy and so does the crank. But overall
its all there and all original. Has a front carrier basket also. So I got the cruiser for only $60.00

So now I'm jealous of my wifes awesome flightliner. I keep wanting to play with her headlights too. So I start thinking about fixing up my cruiser.
So at first I'm thinking that I'll just strip it down and give a quick rattle can job, maybe re-pack the bearings and shine it up a little bit.

But that wouldn't be good enough because she has that cool head-light and rear rack on hers. So off to eBay I go looking for a cool retro looking headlight
to buy for my cruiser. So I bought a cool head light that I found which is brand new old stock. Its a fender mount chrome rocket style head light thats
going to be really cool on my bike. Thats when I stumbled on the motorized bike kits. whoooo wait a minute ... these things look cool.
Yep, ordered one of those babies too. Got my kit a few days ago. While I was at it, found a cool chrome rear carrier rack and bought that too.
I know I'm getting carried away at this point but I have a vision for this bike and the build sounds fun.

So I started on the bike last weekend (working just a few hours per day cause I work 7 days a week) and here's where I'm currently at with the build ...
Stripped the bike down. Discovered the headstock bearings were all broken up. Found a new set at my local bike shop that I think will work fine.
Cleaned-up all the chrome using tin-foil, WD-40 and steel wool. Cleaned up really nice and all the parts look pretty much shiny new. This was a ton of work!

Got my first coat of paint onto the gas tank and chain guard today, it looks amazing! Went with a metallic charcoal grey color and love it!
Tomorrow another coat and then this weekend clear coat.

Sanded down the frame and washed it .. its ready for its first coat of paint tomorrow after work ... can't wait! Purchased all new bearings for the
crank and head-stock and greese. Bought a chain tool and chain lube. Going to buy a new chain and pedals also. This weekend, going to the hardware
store with all the nuts and bolts that came with the motor kit and going to buy good replacements. Will be replacing some of the original bike
hardware also since most of it is rusted.

My goal is to have the bike painted and put back together by this weekend so that all is left is to install the motor kit. There are just a few things
I am worried about currently .... I think I am going to have to chop up my rear fender to make room for the chain. I am also worried about the coaster
brake clearance. finally, not sure about how the rear sprocket's going to go on yet (convex side in or out) and worried about it rubbing the frame or tire.

Well, I know its a long introduction but I'm really excited about this. I thought it was going to be really easy at first but after reading through some of
these forums I realize that I may have a few challenges ahead of me. I'll start another thread later about my build and start posting pictures

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