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Default Re: Beach cruiser!!!!

I agree with John there. Most (not all) bike shops will refuse to work on your bike. Some won't even sell you parts.

I happened to get lucky. Of the 3 local bike shops, 1 loves my bike and actually inspired them to stock electric bikes. the second is ok with then as long as the specific tech doesn't mind. The third is notoriously against motored or electric, so I didn't tell them about the motor.

You have 2 options. Get real good at figuring out what parts you need and buy them online. Or do what I do. Don't tell the bike shop it's motorized.

Tell them what model it is and they can usually figure out what you need. Most shops have an ok return policy, so if the part doesn't fit you can get it swapped out. If they ask you to bring the bike to them, just say you live out of town =)
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