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Lightbulb Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I had that same problem after mounting a new carb. Try taking the carb off, cleaning the intake m. tube, and the carb mounting area, then using a proper o-ring there, or at the least, a wrap or two of plumbing tape. You may be having a leak/draft there at the connection. If you can leave it in place a long time, you might use some type of gasket sealer. For me, the o-ring from Sick Bike Parts worked, but you could also possibly find a rubber washer or o-ring at an auto parts store like Napa or Pep Boys. The top cap also works well with an o-ring.

Originally Posted by chrisme View Post
Something is still messed up with my carb.... It runs awesome though when it wants to work.
It'll run fine up to about half throttle. Then WOT, it'll run nice for a bit. Then start running crazy lean and sputter and die....
So fuel starvation somehow. The garbage float system is having more issues.... grumble. Simple is nice when it works. Yes, NT carbs. That's directed to you. You don't work nice. heh.
I need to pick up an RT*carb and test that out.
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