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Default What bike did you build on...? CHIME IN

So I have been reading on this site for some time, and more confused than when i started, lol. I am researching types of bikes to build (aluminum, steel, cruiser, mt. bike, single speed or multi speed...etc..)

I have a Grubee 66cc:

There are so many opinions out there... Honestly i want deal, but i want to have a quality bike. Ive been looking at cranbrooks, delmars, landmark...etc. Obviously I know these bikes are prob. a bit of junk. But why do so many people build them? Is it just the value..?

Here's the ultimate question... After all your experiences.. what do you suggest is THE BEST BIKE FOR THE MONEY? If i could spend $200 or less that would be great.

Please tell us how your bikes are holding up and what kind you built and why?

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