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Default Re: Beach cruiser!!!!

yeah. most bike shops are pretty craptacular at wanting to help us out. I have *1 SHOP* in a 50 mile radius that will work with me, and that's begrudgedly..

You can always find spare parts for cheap on craigslist doing a search for bikes or hit eBay up for the stuff.. I always hit craigslist as you can find tosser bikes for $20 or so and get $$$$ parts off of them.. For the cheapo brakes try for the V brakes.. more stopping power than caliper brakes.. I usually run a rear caliper off the fender mount on my cruisers in tandem with the coaster and have gotten by nicely. If you do front brakes remember not to slam on them too hard cuz if they catch like they're supposed to you'll throw yourself over the handlebars..
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