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Default Re: Beach cruiser!!!!

it is called a "coaster" brake.
remember when you were a little kid slamming the brakes & skidding.
peddling down the road. then peddle backwards. it doesn't even actually go backwards. once you try to go back,the brakes kick in.
it isn't exclusive to motorised bikes. any 6 year old child that stills has training wheels can use em.

now the clutch:
i don't know if you can drive a manual transmission car or truck.
well anyway, you can't stop the car unless you press the clutch.
same thing.
if it doesn't have front brakes, get them.

i have a coaster brake & i have never used it on purpose.

"stall" means exactly as it sounds. you stop moving.
because you are stopping the tire from moving with the brakes but, the engine is trying to turn the engine.

to turn it of: there should be a kill switch on or next to the throttle.

you friend should be able to show you all this in about 60 seconds.

make sure you get your friend to show you how to mix up the gas & oil ratios.

also ask them if there is anything that needs special attention.

good luck.
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