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Thanks for the info. I got already made foot pegs that fold up, so I will maybe use the stainless steel pieces if I find some other use for them later.

Safety I have been told about having footpegs that foldup if they hit the ground for some reason. I may even make the square tube that was going to support the foot pegs further out to clear my chain and carb covers angle up a few inches higher. This will allow more of a lean in a turn and the pegs less close to hitting a rock or a bump when off roading as it is meant to be used for.

Just one other question, I bought the steel at OSH and they just say that it is weld-able. What more does anyone know about this stuff. I Tig welded it and now only have Mig available with flux core or the AR 75 C02 25 shield gas to use. Would you suspect that this is mild steel, maybe I can contact the store and find out the supplier they use to get more detail? I also may have got some at HomeDepot as well, so I am curious to what is it's make up?

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