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Default Re: throttle is sticking wide open.

Loosening the clamp on the intake pipe is what I would try first. This might help too. I bought a second hand bike with an NT carb on it. The motor was rough running and would not idle but it got me around. One day I decided the throttle was too loose and adjusted the tension bolt. At this point the throttle started sticking when I would test pull it. I pulled the throttle cap off the carb and the previous owner had installed the barrel slide with the needle sticking up through the hole in the tension adjustment bolt(where the throttle cable slides into the top of the carb.) I installed it sticking down through the needle hole in the bottom of the carb. The motor now runs and idles great and I've had no throttle sticks. Seeing as the NT comes with no instructions I've seen, this could be an easy installation mistake.
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