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Default Re: Um, Yeah I'm pretty excited.

Originally Posted by donphantasmo View Post
So, I called, honestly, 10 different retailers. I called RAW motors from Monday until today. I called 8-10 times per day, left e-mails and phone numbers 2-3 times per day. The way I see it, is if they don't answer the phone or messages for a potential client, they sure as **** won't when I paid for the engine, and have a problem. I called many other places, too. I called them about 11 Pacific, till probably 4 pm pacific, and still nothing. I didn't even want to call gasbike or their affiliates. But, they didn't pick up, either. If they don't pick up now, they sure as **** won't help me when I have a problem, know what I mean??
So, I called Piston bikes. Talked to Robert. he steered me towards the cheaper engine, because he said he likes the carburetor better. He said, if you want to pay 10$ more for an inferior product, but I'd rather save you the money.
So, I ended up getting the 66cc Jet engine, a springer front end, plus a nice wide and cushioned saddle. The only thing is the shipping was 49$. Other then that, everything was great...
I should have it by Monday. I might try to hook it up by the weekend. But, if not, next weekend I will be riding!!

I have to say I have worked with Robert and Greg at PB on several occasions and they have always come through for me on the parts, delivery and service unlike some of the other internet providers that are hit and miss both before and after the sale for the most part... Good luck with the build and keep us informed. If you are using this engine on an an aluminum frame though (which I am not sure of since the thread got a little convoluted by other points of view) seriously consider to put some pieces of rigid EMT between the frame and clamp to spread the load over a greater area... It really is nice to be able to contact a supplier isn't it?

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