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Default Re: Um, Yeah I'm pretty excited.

So, I called, honestly, 10 different retailers. I called RAW motors from Monday until today. I called 8-10 times per day, left e-mails and phone numbers 2-3 times per day. The way I see it, is if they don't answer the phone or messages for a potential client, they sure as **** won't when I paid for the engine, and have a problem. I called many other places, too. I called them about 11 Pacific, till probably 4 pm pacific, and still nothing. I didn't even want to call gasbike or their affiliates. But, they didn't pick up, either. If they don't pick up now, they sure as **** won't help me when I have a problem, know what I mean??
So, I called Piston bikes. Talked to Robert. he steered me towards the cheaper engine, because he said he likes the carburetor better. He said, if you want to pay 10$ more for an inferior product, but I'd rather save you the money.
So, I ended up getting the 66cc Jet engine, a springer front end, plus a nice wide and cushioned saddle. The only thing is the shipping was 49$. Other then that, everything was great...
I should have it by Monday. I might try to hook it up by the weekend. But, if not, next weekend I will be riding!!


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