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Default Wow this is serious business

I'm new to forum and motorized bicycles. I got the idea looking for a sweet antique restored bike to buy or on that I can learn about bicycles and restore myself. I came upon someone selling a motorized bicycle for what I thought was cheap $200-300. I started doing some research low and behold here I am. I'm getting married Sep 3rd so spending a lot of money on anything right now is strictly prohibited (manhood slowing making it's way to the mantle). I found a cheap cruiser from Wal-mart (sorry for cursing). I loving biking and strongly believe that if you want a bike that you will love for years, will last for years and you're not embarrassed to show off......DONT GO TO...well I'll watch my language (the place were american jobs go to die).
I then got a Grubee GT5 with the high performance carb from bikekings...decent to work with. I removed side covers and head for painting to match the bike better and mounted the engine, the rear sprocket, throttle, grips, clutch. I know have a problem with the chain rubbing the tire but I'm just going to space the engine sprocket out with brass washers. I then started to read this forum and found out that I will probably have a carb float issue, get rid of the supplied plugs and go with NGK, get a better chain and master link cause the Chinese stuff sucks (of course).
It's been fun so far...I've learned a lot and if I do it again it won't be a Chinese motor and not a Wal-mart bike...but this should be fun. Any other tips will be appreciated (that's easy to implement, not using machinist bits to slowly drill and re-size jets and milling heads...).
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