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RAW 66cc, Dax RT Carb (Tuned), Manic Intake, Open Header Exhaust, Slant Head, NGK Plug, Upgraded Spark Cable, Slight Port, Generic Oil @ 32:1-40:1, 36T Sprocket, MTB Tires..............41.1MPH on the GPS (35.1 with a 44T Sprocket) Total Weight Rider and Bike: Pushing 300 lbs. (My Bike is HEAVY...) My bike is a massively framed 70's/80's Schwinn "ATB". I'm super proud of my bike... In fact, I got so bored with it running great, I broke down and started taking it apart, right it now I'm starting to rebuild the whole bike. If I'm not tinkerin' I ain't happy.

P.S. PLEASE keep this thread friendly, I hate watching fights and I hope this doesn't turn into one.
They call these Power Assisted Bikes....Wait, who's assisting who? Last time I checked, I spend twice as much time in the garage working on it than I do riding it! Vista Out.
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