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Default Re: dont know if i do it again

Oh man, BMC, that sucks. Aside from the loss of $, it's time and effort. Throw being violated on top of that, not fun and would make a really good person want to back hand some one.

Lots and lots of security stuff you can do. bicycle security - Google Search

Also, there is bicycle and moped insurance; moped insurance - Google Search For a high end build and peace of mind, could be well worth it.

Really am sorry to read that happened to you. Some folks really do need to be shot. I just never know who to draw a bead on. But am pretty sure thieves are a good place to start. Just at their feet and anchels. Make it hard for them to bravely run away with folks stuff who actually worked for it. (kneecaps for high end motorized bicycles like a Cadillac)

Hope ya do build another. There is no replacing some thing you built but if it brings ya as much joy, might be worth it.
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