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Default Re: And Yet Another 1st Cranny Build - Some Issues


I just ran my bike for the 1st time!!! It was sooo great I'm amazingly stoked.

Originally Posted by IreBo View Post
Donkey, thatís rather important...the lining it up thing.. lol , that made me chuckle.. sorry.. i have found that getting the chain lined up is one of the key elements to a happy engine.
Yes I now realise this. Turns out my back tire was slightly misaligned, causing the sprocket to slowly pull the chain off of alignment, but at a higher speed, it happened very quickly.

My note on chain tensioners: ****em. The stock one sucks. I tried everything to get it to work, including using a skateboard tire. Finally I just wised up and removed a few more links from my chain. So much better. I adjust the tension by moving the back tire where it needs to be. I rather tension the bike chain anyways since its way less important. But haven't had to do that yet.

You notice everything wobbling around when your going fast with the engine. Woooeeeyyy. Kinda scary!
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