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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Well its 1:30 am I Man I love summer time the weather is just beautiful! Can't do this in January down here. Changed my carb jet on me 21mm from 90 on the main to 92 stared at the needle for awhile almost sanded it a little lol.

Ive gotten so picky I even store my fuel in a bunch of aluminum sports bottles. I am treating it like race fuel trying to avoid octane evaporation lose. This last adjustment was done on older summer set fuel. Just bought some more aluminum bottles so I can store a whole premixed gallon.

Gonna try a fresh batch of fuel tomorrow to see what the jetting does . I run premium up here at this altitude. Seriously considering a batch of race fuel just to see how it acts. This 21mm carb was so worth it!
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