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Default Re: Um, Yeah I'm pretty excited.

Wow, it always amazes me how rude folks are on this site when we are all on it to help each other or to get help from people who have successfully completed a gas bike.

And yes that is the norm from RAW. They have terrible / no customer service. I have tried to contact them for a month now to warranty TWO engines from them with absolutely no response.

Don’t, I repeat DO NOT EXPECT ANY WARRANTY OR CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM THESE FOLKS…. The 6 month warranty is a sales gimmick that he has no intention to stand behind, nor will any of the vendors on this site or on the web offer any help concerning RAW , RAW contact info, or any suggestions on how to resolve the problem.

Absolutely horrible to do business with…….. I say we boycott them…. Any one with me?

I talked to a vendor on this site that hands down recommends RAW and states that he exclusively uses them for his builds. their is a thread i will try to find where he states this on this site. when i asked if he knew how to get ahold of the guy from raw and said that he had a number that he calls to get him direct and said he would not give it to me. i then asked him if he sells the RAW engines and he said flat out NO I DO NOT.... here are a few links that prove otherwise; ,
now im not exactly trying to throw any body directly under the buss but what ever happened to honesty?? i was lied to. i don't respect 2 faced sales people especially with these engines that often need help.. especially when they have a stellar 6 month warranty!!

Go to that’s dax . I contacted them and the most pleasant old lady answered and helped me like a PRO.

Any who, I just had a few points to comment on,
First, I have built both aluminum and steel gas bikes, both have held up well but aluminum has a few different grades in the bike world and an el cheap o aluminum bike over a higher grade bike will probably hit its finite life cycle before the other. Same for steel, a low grade steel frame will crack before a hi-ten or cro-mo frame. No doubt. So aluminum and steel both have the potential to crack…
p.s. nothing rides like a cro-mo mountain bike frame. Crisp and responsive.. a joy if you are hitting some high speed turns all tucked low..

As for the children in the trailer… just remember that at those lower speeds you’re 2stroke will be blowing exhaust laden with mix oil in it. That may not be fun for your children… just wanted to point that out for their safety.. they have propane kits that burn way cleaner, you may need to go all semi truck with some big stacks! Lol. I think ive just thought of my next build. Trick my truck bike lol…

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