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Default Re: Gas Bike Magazine - Contributors Wanted

I know I am new here but I just bought my first kit from and I will say it is only my opinion but these guys are crooks. I won't be interested in their e-Mag. They sold me a CNS carb as an UPGRADE and not a aftermarket part for an extra 20 bucks. (The carb does not work with my engine unless you retro fit it in a major way. darn thing blew right off the intake manifold (used loctite even). The thottle was buggered up inside and would not twist. I have not yet received a response to my support inquiries about their products. They are more interested in only money and not developing a long term relationship with their customers.

Now I have bought a new NT carb and throttle from someone else. I am out the extra $20 to them and $35 for the replacement parts I had to buy elsewhere. Don't buy anything from or (one crooked company running under two websites).

This money may not seem like a lot to them but I have not been able to get steady work now for two years and have taken to delivering newspapers (5 routes) just to make ends meet. I am hoping that a motorized bicycle will help on the gas saving and the wear an tear on my car, however $20 (now $55) is a lot to me. So please trust me when I say don't buy from these crooks, no matter how good the price looks because it will only cost you more in the long run with no support. Oh also they have poor installation instructions. I was able to learn more help from the videos at and this forum. Thanks everyone here and no thanks to


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