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Default Re: And Yet Another 1st Cranny Build - Some Issues

badboy, if you look at the earlier pics in this thred you will see some i posted. if you have the dish facing inwards, teeth closer to the wheele, then you need to flip it, we had a bit of a discussion earlier, just back track.... ide say flip the sproket

Donkey what the hek is a spark plug starter?? youre cdi? well that sux if it is... how did it fall apart,,, also have you got youre motor to turn over or run yet? is youre chain bound up or something... bike roll with clutch in lock position?

also he carb if stock nt style really has no adjustments other than an idle screw and a c clip on the slide needle. you can change the jet also but ive found that it really is an ok carb, cns is a bit finekey. but a notable top end kick.. just get the slide to move all the way up nad down freely and you got it...
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