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Default Re: And Yet Another 1st Cranny Build - Some Issues

Donkey, that’s rather important...the lining it up thing.. lol , that made me chuckle.. sorry.. i have found that getting the chain lined up is one of the key elements to a happy engine.
Back ground story: my first build on my trek. After a few break-in runs, ( I usually go around the block the long way and return home and let it cool completely. Ill do that cycle about 6 or 7 times then figure by that time most parts wore in ok.) I took off to Monterey from Marina about, 8 or 9 miles… my motor started to run funny and lost a lot of power.. I thought I had used up the little engine already and was quite bummed out to say the least. When I returned home (limping back) I did a post flight check and found that one of the rear engine mount studs broke. The one closest to the chain. I had to ez out the stud from the block and I quickly replaced all bolts with better hardware and lok-tite . long story short the alignment was off after the stud broke and made the chain run out of alignment, it was fighting the teeth and made the motor loose a lot of power….. long winded but hope it shows how important alignment is.
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