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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Worked on re-jetting the cns on my skyhawk 48 w stock pipe...
started w #74 & 2nd from bottom on needle.

It flat out fell on it's face. would NOT go! had to pedal back into the barn.

Re-drilled up to the #73 and went to the 2nd from top on the needle and it's running, but still NOT better than before when it was 4 stroking all over the place.

NOTE TO SELF: Be SURE to check gas level in tank before starting jetting tests!

I took off the cns choke cable that had run to the handlebars. did not like the look of all those wires. gotta figger something small to replace it.
From cold it takes a bit of pedaling to start w/o a choke, and maybe 600ft of marginal running at a slight downhill before it will run well. I just don't like that choke cable!!!

the more I ride it the more I want suspension...
NEED a basket!

Got to buy my second gallon of gas today.
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