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Default Re: Felt MP with 6.5+Hp engine mounted in a sidecar?

Originally Posted by Motorpsykler View Post
Don't forget, those old cars have 2 wheels steering in the front.
I was just thinking about how you drive a traditional sidecar rig, and I believe you need to accelerate on right turns, because the bike travels further than the sidecar. On your proposed rig, accelerating would make things worse on a right turn. You would have to cut the throttle on right turns, which might not be enough. Your rig may require a brake on the right wheel.

It should make lefts like nobody's business. Maybe use it for circle track?
This ain't going on no circle track. This is going to be daily transport through the streets of Los Angeles. LOL The go kart axel will have a drum or disc brake on the drive axle like a regular go kart does.

I have the option of mounting the sidecar on either side of the bike. Sounds like the left side of the bike would work the best because I will be making way more right turns than left turns like a UPS truck. I'm not to crazy about being in the left hand lanes ever if I can help it.
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