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Default Re: Felt MP with 6.5+Hp engine mounted in a sidecar?

Fasteddy here. I did that with an electric wheel on a sidecar and redid it with a powered back wheel after riding it a block.

The wheel on the sidecar had a tendency to turn into the bike since the bike was slower than the wheel on the sidecar which used the bike on take off as a pivot point. Kind of like standing on one foot and running with the other. You just turn in a circle.
It would work I think if you were willing to pedal the bike to get it moving at a decent rate of speed and the release the clutch or put power to the wheel.

I can't imagine what turning your bike would be like but mine was a nightmare. The tire scrubbed and the wheel shuddered until it was straight while doing a left turn. Right turns may be impossible since you are turning into a wheel trying to go straight ahead.

Worth a try to see if it works for you but I won't do it again.

Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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